Why you need a single source of brand truth.

In the concept of Single Source of Truth or SSOT, any and every piece of information should be editable in only one place. Any sharing or distribution of this “master” record should be a read-only link or reference directly from the master. The goal of SSOT is preventing multiple versions of something, which can make it difficult or impossible to know which is the correct or most current.

SSOT is critical in industries that manage and protect historical data, like government agencies, healthcare providers, and educational institutions. It’s become more important in marketing, particularly digital and mobile. Product images, specifications, and offers need to be shared with literally thousands of different online vendors, and these all need to be current and accurate.

Companies with recognizable and powerful brands have them for a reason. They pay attention to the brand and understand the value of maintaining and protecting it. On the flipside, companies without a strong brand presence are in that position because they generally don’t understand what a strong brand can provide.  They don’t see the value and they just don’t care.

Successful companies have brands that instill trust with its customers in a way that maintains a long-term connection and strong emotional tie (at least until they do something to break that trust). The effort is put forth to maintain that connection. When customers have an emotional connection with a brand, their buying decisions are much easier. They are comfortable with those decisions and the product or service is a security blanket to them. 

Think about a company who is revered by its customers. Think about a company that seems to just go through the motions and does not care about perception.  It should be very clear to know which one has the most loyal customer base. It’s probably clear which one is more easily recognized and better known.  Which one has a more engaged group of employees and a long list of resumes from those who want to work there?  The answer is easy.

Building, maintaining and protecting your brand takes time and effort, but the results are powerful for the future success and growth of your organization.


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