“We believe when our clients succeed at managing their brands, we succeed.”

– Solve founders Mike Loehr & Matt Filby

Our Story

At Solve Digital Partners, we build online brand management systems that help companies educate, maintain, and consistently communicate their brand. From day one, we’ve partnered with clients on solutions that are not only efficient — but tailored to their needs.

There’s a better way.

Prior to launching Solve in 2012, we were among the first to leverage technology to efficiently distribute brand standards and resources. We helped many brand and marketing teams successfully face their challenges. In the process, we saw opportunities and potential to help even more, but existing technology only covered the basics. We knew there was a better way. And Solve was born.

Brand first. Technology second.

Drawing nearly 50 years of combined experience, and knowledge gained working with some of the world’s most prestigious companies, we recognize the unique situations companies face. We understand brands. And we understand technology. A “one-size-fits-all” model doesn’t address every firm’s challenges.

We’re an independently owned company specializing in a hands-on approach, for pioneering employee engagement and training, and for partnering with clients as their brand evolves. We’re not only a partner, but a virtual member of their team.

Are you facing challenges with managing your brand? We’ve been there. Let’s chat about how we can help.

Our Philosophy

Your brand is your most valuable asset — and your most vulnerable

Your brand is the intangible, often emotional link between you and the people you connect with and often impacts the bottom line. It’s a delicate balance because each interaction creates a positive or negative impression based on their expectations. Your brand’s success is directly tied to delivering the most consistent and memorable positive experiences.

Look how you want to be seen

Building and maintaining a brand’s value is one of the hardest jobs for any company. Done right, it embraces nuance, avoids cookie-cutter approaches, and amplifies what makes your company compelling and unique. The platform to manage your brand should be no different. You should be able to customize the experience so employees and partners feel a stronger connection to your brand, and are motivated to create experiences that meet the same standard.

Build your brand by focusing on people

Your brand’s value is based on the connection and trust you’ve built with customers, employees, and partners. Every touchpoint with them impacts their beliefs and expectations about what you do and how you do it. People are the ultimate source of activation and engagement for your brand.

Your brand is the star, not the technology

Throwing technology at a situation without first knowing the overall goal, and the root cause of any inherent problem wastes time and resources. Understanding the human assets comes first, followed by auditing the brand experience. Then you can apply technology to help people create more effective experiences and build brand value.

Don’t stop with Digital Asset Management

It has to be more than a repository. For a brand to come to life you need to put those stored assets into action. You need to provide resources and experiences to educate and inspire, and then monitor how the brand is being used. Expect and allow for change as you discover how people learn about living the brand.

Building a healthier brand starts today

Every organization, small to large, needs a brand management system to help maintain consistency and grow the brand. You don’t need to do it all at once, starting small is better than not at all. Your goal should be a system that enables you to measure the ROI of how effectively you’re managing your brand.