Using a sports analogy for branding seems natural. In branding, the outcome is driven by the efforts of the team. That team consists of every single person who represents the brand. We’ve said it and others have said it: “Every person working for an organization is responsible for living the brand.” The janitor to the CEO, the brand manager to business development to sales, and so on. If you receive a paycheck from an organization, you are important to how its brand is perceived.

Therefore, branding is a constant, never-ending effort. You have to constantly try. And as soon as you stop trying, another brand, trying harder can take your place. The effort though, if it is inculcated in your organization, does not need to be hard. Organizations where the brand is a natural part of the culture becomes second nature for the employees. It’s been engrained and it becomes natural without back-breaking effort.

So how can you make branding a “habit” within your organization? How can it come natural to each and every employee that represents it? It has to be genuine. It can be taught and it can be learned and if it is constantly reinforced, consistently top-of-mind and often measured, it can and will become habitual. It will be easy to support the brand, because it will become part of the fabric.

Having tools in place that make learning about the brand fun can keep your brand constantly evolving. Having tools in place for all employees to go to when there are questions or concerns on how to best represent the brand is critical…especially if you believe that every employee matters. We can help create the tools that better equip your employees to ride for the brand…because your brand shouldn’t just be an option.


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