I’ll be honest, I consider myself an artist. I’m horrible at sentence structure, grammar and even spelling. My focus when creating is on the visual and less on the message, tone or the correct punctuation. My three teenage children are better than me when it comes to crafting a proper complete sentence.

Do I want to get better? Kind of. There is the embarrassment of misspelling words and missing periods. But I’m stuck in my ways and all too happy to focus my eyes on the prize: what it looks like.

Also, I know I have a team of people and various tools I can rely on along the way to make sure I don’t mess up too bad. When working with different clients, many have their own “style.” So when we provided style guides, and key messaging documents to review and support our design efforts and the brand, we are grateful and appreciative. These tools are vital for crafting visuals and messages that work together harmoniously to tell the correct brand story.

When your employees are crafting letters, writing posts and blogs, or designing marketing materials, are they armed with the right tools to avoid embarrassment? For example, does everyone know there is (or isn’t) a comma in your tagline? Do you use sentence structure for headlines? What core values do you promote, and what key words do you use to support them? What words should you avoid to stay “on-brand?” 

We help craft tools, guides and messaging documents that make sure all of the details of your brand are spelled out to ensure consistency and accuracy.


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