For brand and media managers, it’s not uncommon to have numerous requests for various assets to fulfil every week. For small organizations it might be up to a dozen requests a week, for logos or images. However, we’ve heard from larger organizations that the number of requests can easily reach 100 per week. And most of them are quasi-urgent, meaning they need fast turnaround. 

Regardless of company size, this familiar scenario means smart, talented marketing and branding professionals end up giving away their valuable time sending out files, instead of contributing on the more strategic initiatives they were likely hired for. Give them back the time to be more productive by incorporating a brand/marketing hub and Digital Asset Management (DAM) into your tech stack. Here are some things to think about as you get started: 

  • What are the most common types of requests you and your team receive?
  • Who needs access to the new system?  
  • How will people access it? Should it sit behind the firewall?  
  • Are there sensitive assets that only certain people should see?
  • Should you train people about the proper use of the assets or resources, before you provide them? 

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can share best practices with you.


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