For those who go to work every day, their biggest need and desire is to do “meaningful” work that truly “makes a difference.”  You hear it from job applicants, and you read it on resumes.  The message is loud clear when you hear them say, “I am ready to do something that I can embrace and make a difference.”  

For companies who offer the chance to be part of something that offers employees the opportunity to do something meaningful, their employees are much happier.  These folks are passionate about the work they do and are proud of the company they work for.  Organizations with a strong overall brand — thanks to clear brand positioning and defined messages — attract and retain the best employees.  

It’s a clear reminder that branding is not only important to external audiences but as much or more so to your internal audience…your workforce.  They need more than work, they need something to work toward.   When your team understands the overall mission of the company and its reason for being, they are more likely to feel motivated to strive to achieve the mission.  

Having a strong brand that shines on the surface (look and feel of the brand) while resonating within (inspires and creates passion from an emotional standpoint) creates happy employees.


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