Mike, a VP of Marketing, decided to stop by an event that a few members of their sales team were hosting to introduce prospects to their new offerings. Upon arrival he was given a poster by the host which highlighted what’s new. To his shock, he found a poster with the old logo, look and feel, and font. He later asked the salesperson if they worked with marketing to get the posters developed and the response was, “no, I just used the last poster that I did as a starting point”. 

Oftentimes we have members of our team that want to take the initiative in producing their own posters or materials. Sometimes this is done because they think marketing takes too long, or it’s “just a poster”, or it’s just easier. For marketers, unfortunately this results in assets being created with outdated content and/or design elements (logos, graphics, imagery, etc.) that have a negative effect on the brand.

The Solution: Make it easy for your sales teams to request needed materials or provide them with dynamic templates that allow them to generate the materials they need while staying on-brand. By using dynamic templates marketing can determine what element in the template can be edited while locking down the things you don’t want to change. In the end, sales gets a finished, professionally looking piece that reinforces your brand. If you’re not comfortable completely giving full control to others for that piece, incorporate an approval loop that allows you to review it and give consent before it goes to a print ready file.   


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