These days, we’re all pressed for time and our jobs often require us to wear multiple hats. The same is true for the in-house designers at your company. Ideally, they should be devoting their skills and hours toward building your brand. Nothing derails the creative process like having to address busy-work. If your design team acts as the clearing house for logo requests, their talents are being wasted. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that takes this tedious task off their plate and allows them to focus on the important projects – create an online logo library.

When coupled with usage guidelines, an easily accessible, centralized library for downloading all of your brand’s logos is a powerful resource that can be accessed internally by employees and externally by trusted partners. This self-serve approach puts critical logo files at the fingertips of the people who need them and meets their branding needs immediately without having to wait for an email reply from the design team. All with the added benefit of knowing precisely who has accessed the logos so utilization can be tracked and notifications can be sent out automatically if changes are made to logos.

Eliminate this distraction and let your designers focus on what they do best. Your brand will benefit from it.


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