Brand champions traditionally are the people responsible for building and promoting a brand. They’re in charge of building enthusiasm and support, basically creating a fan base for a company or product.

The best brand champions share a lot with champions from the world of sports. They make it look effortless — like it really is automatic or involuntary for them to elevate the brand as much as they can, whenever they can. They have an authentic confidence and belief in the brand, and share that energy as much as possible. They often inspire people with action and engagement, not just repeating memorized talking points and checklists. They build a tribe who wants to tune into their wavelength, and become more connected with them and the brand. As that tribe grows, the product or business usually grows with it, so everyone involved should always be looking for how to be better brand champions.

Maybe it’s learning more about how the brand got to where it is today. Or interviewing leaders from other departments or product groups. Talking to customers about what they feel sets the brand apart, and what makes them keep coming back, can help you focus on what aspects of your product or service really matter. What can you do in your role to help magnify what customers value most? How can you help others on your team, or in other departments, find what they can do to add that little extra umph? 

The idea of a brand champion applies to more than just corporate or product brands. Individually, we each have our own personal brand we bring to the equation; the actions, interactions, beliefs, and behaviors that reflect and express who we are. Just like big brands, our personal brands need care and attention, too. Maybe that starts with taking care of ourselves, with recognizing what makes us unique and what is most important to us, and protecting those. Maybe it’s exercise, or reading, or creating art or music. If personally we aren’t getting nourished and recharged, it will likely have a negative impact on whatever we do to support our colleagues and professional lives. 


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