Love it or hate it, in 30-plus years of existence, PowerPoint’s wide availability and basic usability have made it the go-to application for brand standards abuse. 

Sure, many times they start with good intentions telling themselves, “I just need a few simple slides to share with a client and don’t need a designer involved.” But after 30 pages, 12 fonts, 98 low-resolution images grabbed from the internet (including your company’s logo), and a color palette that would put all but the most vivid of rainbows to shame, what do they have? A big steaming pile of not-on-brand. 

When left to their own devices and given a blank canvas and a loaded toolkit, it’s easy for the average person to lose track of the importance of fidelity to a visually consistent brand. They need help! Help them by creating guidelines for presentations. Clearly define how your brand should be represented. Develop an image library of high quality images and access to a centralized location of approved logos. By providing well thought out templates that account for the most common needs, and the flexibility to be adapted to new ones, you are helping them.

You can’t, and shouldn’t, stop the use of PowerPoint. When educated and equipped with the proper resources, it’s a powerful tool that empowers your people to build and promote your brand.

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