Internal designers and marketing folks within small organizations or large companies are often tight on time. Balancing daily needs with strategic initiatives is always a juggling act. Oftentimes the immediate need is fulfilled while the strategic need is put on the back burner. 

It does not need to be this way. You can provide the correct tools for anyone with a browser to fulfill their own need. Templates that are on-brand with guidelines in place give power to each employee to get what they need done. 

A flyer request enters a marketing department and needs to be done today. Is the flyer more important than the marketing brochure for the new campaign? Does it need a conversation, a followup phone call, a creative brief or back and forth emails? Who is the target audience? Why do they need it? A simple fyer can turn into half a day of work. Give power to the employee. 

Login to the Brand Center, pick an approved flyer template, populate with an approved image and content, save and download. In three minutes a novice can create an on-brand flyer while the marketing team stays focused on the marketing brochure for the new campaign.

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