A lot of time and money usually go into the development of a logo. Competitor research, focus group testing, probing cultural sensitivities, color theory, font licensing, and numerous iterations of design – all to distill your brand’s essence into a mark that is instantly recognizable on everything from a simple business card to a complex multi-media ad campaign.

Wherever it is used, one sure way to dilute your brand’s image and reduce its impact, is to stretch or squash your logo. Placing your logo on materials out of proportion may be a convenient way to shoe-horn it into a given space, but in doing so you send the signal that your brand shouldn’t be taken seriously. 

 Fortunately, this is an easy “no-no” to avoid. Applications almost universally offer a way to maintain the proportions of an image when you place or resize it. Familiarize yourself with this feature in your software to get the full benefit of the work that was put in to develop your logo.

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