A regional healthcare company acquired a network of 200 clinics and needed to rebrand them all in 90 days. Each needed different interior and exterior updates, and the staff needed answers for patients asking why the name changed.

A brand transition site with a mobile audit app turned staff across all the clinics into a virtual brand audit team. Armed with cell phones and a punch list, the audit team surveyed every aspect of more than 200 facilities in a matter of days. They uploaded images, video, forms, and documents for the corporate brand team, who cataloged and prioritized what needed to change. When the audit was completed (on time and on budget), the same app helped the team capture the “after” imagery, giving the company an up-to-date virtual view of their new network. The app also delivered “brand on-boarding” and guidance for the administration staff, so patients system-wide received a consistent message about the changes.

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