After today, we should not be wearing white again this year. A simple fashion rule that was meant to separate the old money from the new money back in the day. Seems like an appropriate segue into color, or better yet, lack of color.

Almost on a day-to-day basis we hear from clients, “that space looks empty, can we fill it with something?” While we appreciate the effort to maximize every inch of an ad that is bought and paid for, or a brochure cover about to be printed or a home page that is a portal to so much more information, we know as designers and brand managers that displaying the right amount of information is almost as important as what is being displayed. A grid system, support color palette, and white space itself are all important aspects of a brand’s look and feel that should work in harmony. 

These are elements that need to be defined and shared with employees and creatives so a brand’s essence and spirit can be portrayed consistently on all brand touchpoints. Incorporating it in your guidelines, and promoting easy access to those guidelines, are keys to this “sharing”.

White space is a thing — an important thing. Define it, put boundaries on it, and help your team understand it.

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