For a VP of Marketing, this question from a teammate triggered two immediate thoughts: “At least they asked. And more importantly, looks like I have to plan some brand education sessions.” 

Most organizations don’t do formal training around what their brand means, how it’s delivered, and how every employee is a part of the brand. Employees think the brand is just the logo, and brand management is just “something marketing takes care of”. Like it or not, everyone within the organization, and those with whom you partner outside, play a vital role representing your brand. It’s much bigger than the colors used on a poster, but this example was an easy way to begin the conversation.

As a result, the VP directed the individual to their Brand Center’s guidelines and had them look up the approved primary, secondary, and accent colors. Later, they implemented a Brand 101 training program across the organization, including the on-boarding for new hires. To make it fun and engaging, the training was done through a series of quizzes that could be accessed through any device. The quiz scores were saved and shared as part of friendly teambuilding programs, and employees earned points for each level of training they passed, which could earn gift cards and other merchandise. 

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