The pandemic forced people to quickly adapt to a more DIY work pattern. We’ve all had to figure out maintaining connections and productivity while separated from systems, co-workers, and opportunities to meet in person. Not to mention being surrounded by kids, pets, laundry, and other distractions. For many, working remotely means feeling more isolated, and probably needing more kudos for what we’re doing right and nudging for what we can improve. 

This uncertainty is an opportunity to use the DIY spirit to build the strength of your brand, if you pay attention to a few key things:. 

  • Control: When things seem upside down, do your best to present a right-side-up world, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Whether via temporary signage, wayfinding, digital displays, forms, waivers, or anything else, aim to show preparation and organization despite the chaos. A branded, well-designed temporary sign is better than a hand-written one. A thoughtful original social post beats sharing another COVID meme.


  • Communication: Remember the most important part of communicating, especially right now, might be listening. Helping someone process what’s happening in their mind opens the door for them to maybe help you, too.


  • Consistency: A recognizable pattern of delivery of any messaging right now helps your employees and customers feel things are under control. Whether it’s the tone or style of what you share, or the cadence of how and when you share it, an element of reliability in how you interact with people is welcomed right now.

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