For many organizations, this is a familiar and constant refrain. It’s often the result of not having a system in place–a real system. Common corporate platforms like SharePoint, or patchworks of separate apps to store/share files, manage projects, and track images, can give the appearance of a solution. In practice, many are inefficient and ending up wasting users’ time hunting for what they need.

That’s what we heard from the team overseeing marketing for a health system with four different business units. Leadership asked for quicker turnaround communicating and promoting new service offerings. The team needed faster access to resources, and to create more efficiently and consistently, without breaking the bank hiring more designers or agencies. The answer was a single platform incorporating all of these functions, that also integrated with the necessary external systems. Once in place, the team knew where to find what they needed, and it became the reference to streamline future work. They cut their time to market by 90% and increased department output almost 3x–while staying on-brand.

Let us know if you’d like to learn more about how they did it.

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