365 Days in the Life of a Brand Manager

We’ve heard so many stories in our 20+ years of working with some of the best-known brands out there. Some about success, some about struggle, all with something anyone in brand and marketing can relate to. And probably learn from. If you have a story to share, or want to know more about any of the ones below, let’s connect!

A Brand for Which We Can All be Proud

For those who go to work every day, their biggest need and desire is to do “meaningful” work that truly “makes a difference.”  You hear it from job applicants, and you read it on resumes.  The message is loud clear...

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How to improve your brand governance

A lot of people perceive brand governance as a kind of dance between being a brand cop and a brand coach: somebody who focuses a lot on compliance and consistency, and also evangelizes why the brand is important, and...

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Keynote, Google Slides or PowerPoint? Or All?

Powerpoint is no longer the only option to consider when you need to create a presentation. Apple’s Keynote and Google Slides are solid contenders and deserve a look as well.  Most people are familiar with Powerpoint....

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Give designers time to design. (Not email logos)

These days, we’re all pressed for time and our jobs often require us to wear multiple hats. The same is true for the in-house designers at your company. Ideally, they should be devoting their skills and hours toward...

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What logo format should I use for a billboard?

Easy. A vector file. The answer used to be more simple, when billboards were printed only. But today billboards can be digital too. Let me elaborate on these two options. Printed BillboardsLarge format printing is a...

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Color is a complex topic when talking about managing a brand. There are many gamuts of color that need to be managed in order to promote your brand consistently and accurately. Having proper guidelines in place for...

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